Sarah – topsy turvy faith

September 6, 2021

By Editorial Team

"By Faith Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed, and delivered a child when she was past her age, because she judged him faithful who had promised. Therefore sprang there even of one man, and him as good as dead, so many as the stars of the sky in multitude, and as the grains of sand by the sea shore innumerable" Hebrews 11:11-12 (paraphrase of KJV)

When Abraham was 85 years old, God made a Covenant (Solemn agreement) with him and told him that he will be the father of Believers on the planet. Most people think that it was a simple trade deal where God wanted circumcision and Abraham got blessings. Such understanding is incredibly shallow and utterly wrong

God was calling forth a people to Worship the Living God, be Holy, to be separate, to be Christ like and to wait for the Messianic hope. That finally the Son of God would come and dwell upon the earth and he would be the Lamb of God and sin-offering for all humanity. These are the underlying deliverables that God expected from Abraham or anyone that made a Covenant with him. There is no Covenant without Christ and the Messianic hope in the Bible. Christ is the Cornerstone and the Foundation of all belief and salvation and righteousness.

So God appears to Abraham when he was 85 years old and makes a Covenant with him that his own son would be his heir and perpetrate the faith. Mind you God is not interested in population increase, it’s the continuation of a believing people on the earth that is the idea behind the children promised to Abraham. (And finally don’t forget that the Messiah was supposed to come in that line). So Sarah takes things into her own hands, and tries to accomplish things. She clearly didn’t have the relationship with God that Abraham had. And she in her fleshly thoughts gave Hagar to Abraham for wife and the rest is a very messy history. For 13 years after the birth of Ishmael there is no record of God meeting Abraham or any such profound event. Such is the tragedy of one wrong step. Sarah messes it up big time. Moral of the story - don’t listen to your wife at times. She may not have the relationship with God that you have, and so she may be thinking in the flesh and you may be thinking in the spirit. (It holds true vice-versa also). Abraham learns his lesson, and years later when God asks Abraham to take Isaac and sacrifice him, he does not consult his wife.

Anyway after 14 years, when Sarah is 89 and Abraham is 99 years old, three heavenly visitors come to Abraham’s home. It was Lord Jesus and two angels. Wherever in scripture you find a human being called JEHOVAH, it is JESUS in his pre-incarnate form. Read Genesis 18 and 19 to understand the full story. Abraham and Sarah make a good lunch for the visitors, they cook a good lamb curry and chapathis/tandoori rotis. And Jesus eats the hot meal and then Blesses the couple. He tells them that they will have children. Sarah first laughs behind the curtain and the Lord admonishes her for her unbelief. The visitors depart and then the import of the event strikes the old couple. God Almighty came down to the earth out of time, and met this family to bring solace, healing and Blessing. It was a small revival meeting with re-dedication, healing, and blessing and friendship. What a visitation from Jesus. That’s why when the Pharisees argue with Jesus, he tells them, See I met Abraham and then they ridicule him and say, you are not yet 50 years old and you met Abraham? (John 8:56-59).

Sarah believes and so did Abraham and then they conceive a child Isaac and the rest is history. Every Jew upon the earth is a living proof of this event that Christ came down to the earth to start this race through an old couple. Today I don’t know what situation you are in, maybe you are childless, maybe you need a job, maybe you need a life-partner, may be you are looking for a new beginning. Cry unto God and if the Holy Spirit tells you something, begin to believe. Confess that word over your life daily. Abraham believed and it was reckoned to him as righteousness. Today we don’t have visitations from Jesus, but it is the Holy Spirit that impresses a Word upon our hearts. strongly. Sarah judged him faithful that promised. He who has promised is faithful and He will do it (1 Thes 5:24).

Even after this visit from Christ, Abraham and Sarah mess up again. Abraham tells white lies and calls Sarah, his sister and so Sarah is taken into Abimelech’s household, but God protects her. God plagues Abimelech’s household with diseases and also warns him in a dream and so she is released (Gen 20). They repent, God visits the couple and they bear a child, Isaac exactly as promised (Gen 21).

Sarah lives to see her son grow up. She lives a full life and dies at the age of 127. That is 37 years after this visitation. Isaac was 37 years old when she died. What a generous God. What a forgiving God. What a compassionate friend. Let’s trust him.

A few closing points.

  1. Faith is always in a Person, and throughout the Bible it is the Person of Christ. Remove Christ and it’s not faith. It is always Faith in God through Christ or because of Christ
  2. Faith fluctuates wildly, but its nothing to be alarmed, it is human nature. When you are low on faith, don’t pray grand prayers. Just resort to Thanksgiving for what you have, sing a few songs, pray for others etc and slowly the Holy Spirit will rebuild your faith. Also when you are low on faith, get prayed over by others. Many times you may not have faith for you own situations, but you will have faith for others. Pray for one another.
  3. Jesus talks about mustard seed faith, what exactly is this mustard seed. At certain points in time, the only thing that you are sure is of your Salvation, you don’t have faith for tomorrow, for healing, for your future no nothing. Then Tell the Lord, “Lord, I am saved, Thank you. Thank you Jesus for washing me in your Blood.” Slowly the Holy Spirit will rebuild your faith. It is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility to rebuild your faith in Jesus.
  4. Lastly faith comes through Bible reading. As Paul told the believers in Rome, Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God and words of Christ (Rom 10:17, KJV, NIV). What it means is, when you read the Bible, faith builds up. So if you are low on faith, read the scriptures, especially the Gospels, as you hear from Christ directly. Try reading an entire book (OT or NT), if you are low on faith. Or listen to an entire Gospel, it just takes 2 hours or so.

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