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These days nobody reads the Bible regularly. Most young people have found their own brand of Christianity without reading the Bible cover to cover. Its very sad that less than 10% of Christians would have read the Bible cover to cover. It’s the deepest tragedy of this generation.

I wasted decades without knowing how to read the Bible correctly. So, here are a few tips to reading the Bible effectively and avoiding common pitfalls. Just doing this will save you a lot of trouble in life.

Read the Bible cover to cover

It is important to read the Bible cover to cover. Reading the Bible forms Christ in you, and if you have only read half the bible, you only know half-Christ. If you really want to overcome, you need the Fullness of Christ. At a minimum read the full Bible say once in 2 years. Make your own plan. Read twice a day if possible.

Bible has 1189 Chapters.

Old Testament 779 + 150 Psalms + New Testament 260 chapters. 3 plans for you to pick from.

  • 1 OT + 1 NT everyday. 2 chapters daily. (takes 2.5 years approx. to read Full Bible.)
  • 1 OT+ 1 Psalm + 1 NT (3 chap daily), Round-trip Psalms after you finish it once. (1.5 years)
  • 2 OT + 1 Psalm+ 1 NT (4 chap a day) . Read through the Bible in 1 year

When you begin Reading, write the date 15th May 2021 in your Bible, when you finish reading write down. If you're starting now, Read the books you haven't read earlier - Say Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Minor prophets, Revelation etc. Whenever you finish a Book of the Bible, go to the index and tick in in Red (or whatever color) so that you know you completed it.

One leg in the OT and one leg in NT

It is very important to have one leg in the Old Testament and one leg in New Testament everyday. That brings in balance. Otherwise you may not hear the words of Christ often. Jesus' words bring strength.

Read it aloud

It is important to read it aloud. Some people read it in their mind. When reading in the mind, you grasp 20-30%, when reading it out aloud you grasp 70-80%. Further more if you put your pen to work and scribble a few notes on a white sheet, you grasp 100%.

When you read in mind, only your thoughts are renewed, not your body. Jesus always spoke and healed a person, so your body needs to hear the words of Jesus. Also when Bible is read out aloud it clears the room (of evil spirits). Also pray out loud.

Do what the Bible says

Whatever the Bible says to do, DO IT right away. For example, if it says in Scripture, “Sing to the Lord a new song” etc, sing a few songs. Do what the scripture says, and also be obedient to the Holy Spirit.

Write down points

Work at scripture by writing down points, just scribble on a white sheet and things get clearer. I always keep a writing pad next to me and scribble my thoughts. Also keep a Formal notebook, if the Lord speaks anything important, write it down. If you have a doubt, write that entry in pencil.


If you can, begin memorizing small verses, and smaller Psalms (1,8,16,24,46,84,91, 100, 121,126) or even beatitudes, Paul's prayers are worth memorizing (Eph 1 :15-23, 3:14-21, Col 1:14-20)

Read it on paper

As far as possible read the Bible on paper. Reading it on a device makes you jittery and reactive and reduces your attention span.

Use large print

Always get a LARGE PRINT BIBLE. It is easier on the eye I can surely attest to the fact that my Bible reading time improved (increased) when I moved to a Large print version from a small print. Buy a Bible with less notes, otherwise you can get distracted by the authors views. Buy Large Print, with Cross references, (If possible) Words of Christ in Red, a few maps and a few helps. That is better than a fat Study Bible with elaborate notes.

Look for Jesus

Most Importantly, look for Jesus in every page of the Bible.

Pastor S.R. Manohar wrote in his book, Real Grace,

My primary purpose in reading the Bible is not to study or prepare messages (although I do that at other times) but my main desire in reading the Word is to hear God for my needs and find Jesus. That’s where the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to you. You can find Jesus from Genesis to Revelation” Page 90, Chapter Daily Grace.

For more details about Pastor S.R. Manohar and Real Grace book,

please visit

Use pencils and colors

Figure out your own crayons and color coding. Also write small notes in the Bible and put a date there, so look for Bibles with white space on top and bottom and some margin.

Do this when you get stuck

When your Bible reading is STUCK, try these things

  1. Read a Gospel fully, in 2-3 sittings.
  2. Listen to a Gospel on Audio Bible otherwise.
  3. Sing a few songs

Read the book of Revelation

Finally, at least once in 5-6 months, it is important to read Revelation. This is the most current book of the Bible and we are living in it. Read in through in 3-4 sittings. There’s great blessing in it. Read it even if you don’t seem to understand it much. Your spirit will grasp things.

Use Bible study resources

Use Strong’s Concordance (Large print), some commentaries etc. I use the New Unger’s Bible handbook and a few others. There are several commentaries online on Mathew Henry concise, John Gill, Spurgeon’s notes (on the Psalms – Treasury of David). Lots of Commentaries are available online. Before you read a book, try and read the Book introduction, which gives some idea of the time, place, the author, main theme and summary. Many Bibles have this, a half page introduction and it helps.

Have a historical approach

It is important to have some sense of place, culture, time and kingdoms and histories. Also please do consult maps and get to understand journeys and cities.

Read healing miracles

If you are sick, read 7-8 healing miracles from the Gospels. It always helps.

Preach the entire Bible

This is for Pastors. Have you preached at least a sermon from all the 66 books in your Church? If not, its quite a tragedy. Preach the entire Bible and show Christ everywhere and see what happens. Revival will ensue. It’s your duty to stir up interest in the Bible.

Bible reading also requires energy. Exercise is a must, Good diet and hydration too. Read in few short stretches and not one continuous read, which can be monotonous. Bible reading coupled with singing, and prayer breaks the monotony and makes the Word interesting. Also get into the habit of discussing Bible with friends, let your conversations be salted.

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